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We source and supply only the finest range of pure golden hemp oils and hemp-based CBD products.

We simply cannot say we will be able to find a cure or fix medical conditions but we can say that this amazing herb and it’s usage through some seriously high tech extraction methods, is on the rise and becoming known for its potential ability in helping with things like muscle fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and regulating sleep amongst many other things.

Whether you want oils, balms, crystals or even if you prefer to vape, we have it all here for you. Our team have tried and tested everything we offer and that is something we will continue to do in order to fulfil our mission in bringing you trusted, affordable CBD products without compromising the Herb Guru seal of quality approval.

Our Ambassadors

Jeremy Boisseau

Jeremy Boisseau

We live in fast paced, demanding times and it can often be hard to stay on top of everything. I, for one, have recently made a huge career shift as well as striving for progress in the gym day in, day out, all the while maintaining an active social life. Stress and doubt are at an all time high. CBD oil has been an immense help dealing with it all, physically, but particularly mentally helping me switch off from work and relax. As a result my daily productivity has improved as has dealing with all my daily stresses.

Charlie Johnson

Charlie Johnson

Taking care of your mind and body is so important to me, thats why I regularly use CBD oil and balm. I find the balm helps reduce any inflammation after my workouts and I particularly like the oil as It keeps me calm and helps me to get a better nights sleep too. I always purchase my CBD products through The Herb Guru as the quality is second to none.

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