Basic Guide to Travelling With CBD Products


So, we are all getting excited about the holiday season that is right around the corner. The lighter mornings and the chill slightly fading into the distance will make anyone ready to get their bodies out for the summer sun. But as great as travel is, it does come with some complications a few of them being: stress, anxiety, discomfort which is where CBD comes in handy.

Here are some tips for travelling with CBD products:


If you are driving, or using trains and buses, anything land based you should be fine if you are on your own. Just be careful, it is still a new product to the market that everyone is trying to figure out. So be smart and sensible, don’t go making it well known that you are using it, but it is basically seen like smoking so a lot of people don’t like you doing it in public spaces but if you are driving then there shouldn’t be an issue.


Though I have not seen too much written about flying with CBD oil I doubt that you can because of the places you may visit. There are a lot of rules and regulations in America and other countries, so it is probably better to just leave it at home and if you really want too, find it in the country that you are visiting. 100% Japan and United Arab Emirates are completely against CBD passing the boarders so do not try! As you may even get jail time for it.


If you feel like you are going to need some CBD before a flight, then we suggest you take it before you go past security. It will give you enough time to feel more relaxed in the airport. If you really need it whilst you are away then research it beforehand, see if it is actually legal in the country you are in and where you can source it from if it is.

This is a rough guideline to CBD oil while travelling, remember that it is still new to the world and needs time to be accepted. Safe travels.


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